Saturday, October 20, 2012

Atlantis: Staycay to the Starz..

Atlantis is the ridiculously opulent hotel that is situated on the crescent of The Palm, Dubai. That said, it's an amazing place to stay, and especially so when Sandance is happening. Dubai is a mongrel to get around so.. Driving through the centre of the palm.. Arriving at Atlantis.. Checking in.. Taking a walk through the hotel.. The amazeballz "Royal" pool.. A quick trip to Aquaventure.. After grabbing a burger on the way back to the room: running into royalty! Just hangin in the room.. Woke early and found that my camera was missing. Wifey quickly realized that it was probably in the bushes that I'd fallen into on the way back to the hotel. She was correct! Walking back to the room at 5am (after finding my G12 in the bushes): pics of the model of the hotel.. Dubai sunrise from room 11310..

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sandance - October '12

We made our second trip to Atlantis and the palm, and this Sandance was even more epic than our first. Mat Kearney: I had never listened but got it straight away. Dude is a fantastic songwriter and played an amazing set.. Random late afternoon attractiveness.. The legend that is Frankie Knuckles.. Mid evening randomness.. And the main event: The Fray.. Epic, epic, epic.. Everything post The Fray was bound to be a blur, but it was all fun as fuck nonetheless.. And it all ended with some great bush: that I unceremoniously fell into and cut myself to shit. Sandance October '12 was fricken awesome!