Friday, September 3, 2010


Twas a long, drawn out sweat-drenched walk that led me inadverntently becoming aware of this little gem of consumer electrickery. I was out looking for the better of the two musical instrument stores here in central AbDab, and out of part disorientated frustration and part need for a few air conditioned moments, I ventured into (the abstractly named) Colours. I asked a few questions about the TV receivers that they were selling and no sooner had turned to resume my quest only to be stopped in my tracks by a pile of electronic parts that could actually be the visual definition the word 'random'.

You know what my next thought was, and out came the camera..

Most of the receivers were second hand and could be yours for the measly sum of 90 DHS (about $30)..

These were the busted ones..

I was actually encouraged to take this one, the clerks were trying to get the customer to join the frivolity but no amount of giggling was going to get this chap to turn..

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