Monday, August 16, 2010

Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Your Grievances..

As the sun goes down behind the numerous towers near my apartment after another 47C+ day, Emirati Nationals are able to 'break their fast'. Apparently the Prophet Mohammad did this with milk and dates, though I doubt there are many people munching down on those right now.

According to Time Out Abu Dhabi, through fasting, Muslim people hope to hope to understand their faith more. During the month the aim is to facilitate a change from a focus on the body, to a focus on the soul, which (apparently) wants to worship God. This is why they deny the physical body from sunrise to sunset, and that includes no food, drinks, or indulgences of any kind. There is a sense of the whole community doing it together, and in that there is support and encouragement.

All in all it's an interesting time to be transitioning into a new city, many stores and businesses are closed from 2-7pm, and there's an aura of relaxedness (yes I made that word up) about the place. Even as a non-Muslim, it's totally out of order to be seen eating or drinking in public, and given that every day this week has been in the high 40s, it's safe to say that there are challenges for us NMs too.

Props to the one and only Daniel Johnston for the post-title, have loved that song ever since I was introduced to it through my Teh Shirts compadres, and I must admit that it's really spoken to me over the last few months.

Happy sunset everyone..

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