Friday, August 13, 2010

Not in Kansas anymore..

From 'Wow' to 'Holy Cow' in a matter of hours: that's how I'd describe my transition into the Middle East, despite the obvious geographical (and religion-related) inappropriateness of (the latter) reaction.

Setting up in a new city isn't easy by any means, but throw the start of Ramadan into the mix, then crank the heat up to 47C, and you've pretty much set the scene for (at least) an interesting couple of days. There was a moment though, a moment of realization, when I looked around at this stark and alien city scape that I'd found myself in, and for the first time in many months, I became inspired to take out my camera and shoot the shit out of this new and strange place that I've decided to invest a couple of years of my life in.

So here is the first bunch, random images taken whilst walking around my neighborhood, and slightly beyond..

A grainy way to start, but the first dawn on a new city is always interesting..

A room with a view..

Jumeira Tower..

A quick walk around the hood..

The cutest, most scrawny little meow muppet I've ever had the pleasure of being chased up the street by. A 'yet to be named' neighbor..

Bicycles: is it me or do they seem unloved?


(He did smile after I took the shot, scout's honor..)

The cityscape: this road in particular reminds me of 246, though that may have more to do with the complete mission that it is to cross rather than anything else. That and cars I suppose..

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